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1 Nov. 2021 - The German Institute of Quality and Finance ITQF and La Repubblica Affari & Finanza present today on newsstands the results of the study carried out on the fastest growing Italian companies: Autoargentiero SpA receives the Champion of Growth award and is included in the ranking of the 600 Italian companies identified for the highest growth difatturato in the period 2017 - 2020. Here is the full report, also available in the digital edition of La Repubblica of 3 Nov. 2021 Multiplied revenues, boom in hiring: 600 companies drive growth

The aim of the research conducted is to pay tribute to those enterprises that, thanks to their dynamism, contribute to giving new impetus to society and the economy. On the occasion of the disclosure of the results of the research, published today in the special issue of La Repubblica Affari & Finanza, Donato Argentiero, Co-founder of Autoargentiero SpA, said: "We are very satisfied to have gained 370th place in the ranking of the 600 Italian champions; this new recognition enhances the growth path of our company, the result of a shrewd entrepreneurial strategy that has been able to combine investment, innovation and employment. It is the combination of these ingredients that creates Growth Champions companies, and we are very happy to be part of it."

The methodology

The German ITQF Institute, Europe's leading independent quality survey institute, after a rigorous selection process, has compiled the list of the 600 recovery-driven companies based on average annual growth over the three-year period 2017-2020. This is the fourth edition of a detailed survey that rewards the excellences of the Italian economy that, despite a very difficult macroeconomic framework, are recording remarkable development. The initial long list included over 25,000 companies with high growth rates and was compiled through research in publicly available databases.

Data on operating results over the three-year period 2017-2020 and the number of employees were also collected in order to discard companies with continuously declining employment or persistent losses. The calculation of the growth rate was based on the turnover figures reported and confirmed by the candidate companies. The list of champions was compiled on the basis of the annual Compounded Average Growth Rate (CAGR). Here are the complete results of the Champions of Growth 2022 Full list Champions of Growth 2022



With immense pride the local press is also talking about us......


Thank you for dedicating this important space to tell a little about us and our history.



Once again this year, our company is proud to be part of the ranking of the 400 companies with the highest economic growth by balance sheet ratios in Italy.


The important recognition comes from the German Institute of Quality and Finance and La Repubblica Affari & Finanza, now in its third edition of a detailed survey that rewards the excellences of the Italian economy that, despite a very difficult macroeconomic framework, are registering remarkable development.

The aim is to pay tribute to dynamic companies that contribute to giving new impetus to society and the economy.

"To be among the 400 Italian companies with the highest growth rate, and to receive an award for one's performance, is a very high recognition of the work carried out in recent years with passion and determination," comments Flavio Argentiero, shareholder of Auto Argentiero S.p.A., "We are proud to represent a cross-section of Italy that is growing, creating value and new jobs. Being included in this ranking is further proof of our commitment, as well as an incentive to always do better, certain that collaboration and sharing are fundamental values to consolidate success and achieve increasingly important goals.

This award rewards the work of our team and the courageous and pioneering choices the company has made over time."



A kart endurance race was held on 22 December in which F1 driver Giovinazzi took part. It was an occasion for the Binetto Circuit to celebrate its 30th anniversary and for us a truly unmissable event in which we participated as premium sponsor.


To embellish the 30th anniversary of the Levante Circuit, now managed by the driver and event organiser Ivan Pezzolla, Giovinazzi, Michele Pirro, Alex De Angelis, Antonio Fuoco, Emiliano Perucca, Edoardo Vercellesi, Matteo Bobbi, Ettore Bassi and many other exponents of motorsport, sports journalism and show business.

It was really exciting to see amateur and professional drivers competing against each other at the same time and on the same circuit, racing on 400 cc single-gear karts with the Auto Argentiero name in evidence in the 4-hour endurance karting race.

In between the hectic and frenetic sessions, there was no shortage of autographs and fan photos with Giovinazzi, the event's real guest star, and with all the other F1 and Moto GP drivers.

We are very proud to have taken part in the event in such a prominent context for the world of racing and with such prestigious partners.  Events like this bring Puglia to be recognised as an area of excellence at national level, thanks also and above all to the remarkable and concrete commitment of all partners and institutions.

For us, it was an opportunity to breathe in the true passion of sport and the adrenaline of competition.



"We want to celebrate our history with you, our 40 years in business. And we do so by telling you about ourselves directly in Quattroruote, ed. December 2019.


We close an exciting year, crowned by great achievements and great projects.



This is the story of a great family, born from the vision and stubbornness of Pietro Argentiero and the determination of his sons Donato, Domenico and Flavio, who, with their passion, today continue to write important pages of the family business with renewed enthusiasm and unconditional dedication. It all started in 1978 in a small village in the province of Brindisi, Ceglie Messapica, in the heart of the Valle d'Itria, from a used car dealership. "We were faced with an opportunity but at the same time with a challenge," the three partners recount, "but above all with the privilege of being able to play with large numbers and with a name growing out of a rib of a historic car dealership that was well-known in the 1980s throughout Apulia."

The three-year period 2015-2018 was a harbinger of important results in terms of turnover growth, which seems to have been followed by an even more generous year. What is your assessment?

"We strongly believe that the growth that has seen us as protagonists is not the result of a magic formula, but the sum of a process, a strategy, and the strength of the family union that distinguishes us. A true mindset that has driven us to make decisions based on data, to experiment continuously. Over the last five years of great crisis in the car market (and beyond), in our organisation we have invested heavily in innovation in internal processes and customer relations.

What were the key milestones that marked the year 2019?  "The opening of a new location in 2019 contributed to the development of the business in the used car sector and allowed the company to stand out in the whole of southern Italy.  If with the first location we invested in what for us is a true 'temple' of the car, as the architecture best celebrates our car fleet in an unusual location, with the opening of the second location we wanted to firmly demonstrate our desire to continue investing in the territory that gave birth to our Company. The opening represented a way to diversify and stratify the model offer and to meet the needs of the local public with a wider and more targeted offer".

Auto Argentiero S.p.A. shareholders



2019 also opened with another really important step for your Company, which saw its transformation into a joint stock company. "The birth of the S.p.A. marks an important milestone with which to celebrate goals and achievements in economic and financial terms. Once again, the transformation was an obligatory path to respond firmly to the profound changes that the evolution of the business has imposed on us over the years. 




Auto Argentiero Spa has been included among the top 300 'Champions of Growth 2020' companies,

The recognition came from the German Institute of Quality and Finance ITQF and La Repubblica-Affari e Finanza , which presented the 'Champions of Growth 2020' study in Italy: a detailed survey that rewards the 300 companies in the country that have achieved the highest rate of expansion and increase in turnover over the three-year period.

Auto Argentiero Spa, a leader in the automotive sector, was selected from an initial list of over 10,000 of the most competitive 'virtuous' companies based on the average annual growth recorded.

The research was published in the insert of 'La Repubblica' - 'Affari e Finanza' on 30 September 2019


Donato Argentiero, Vice President of Auto Argentiero SpA, commented: "Being included in this prestigious ranking for us is a great recognition of the work done over the years. We are proud to represent a cross-section of Italy that is growing, creating wealth and new jobs. We have been operating in the automotive sector in Italy for almost 40 years and are recognised by the national market for being among the most dynamic and social multi-brand dealers".

"The 'Champions of Growth' seal," Argentiero continues, "is further proof of our commitment and an incentive to always do better. We are very optimistic about the future of the automotive sector in Italy at a time of enormous evolution that sees the world of electrics and hybrids as the protagonists of another exciting challenge that still poses too many questions and unresolved issues. On the other hand, it offers opportunities that are impossible to ignore. In this field, too, we want to secure a leading position and have started to introduce both hybrid and electric cars in our fleet. It is the same for every sector: it is difficult to say now which technology will be the winner in the future. However, we think that conventional cars still have a long way to go.





Bari, Thu 26 June 2019 - We are really happy to have been awarded the prestigious Industria FELIX Prize among the most virtuous companies in Southern Italy!

Sixty-seven companies were awarded prizes last night in Bari at Villa Romanazzi on the occasion of Industria Felix - La Puglia, Basilicata e il Molise che competono, organised by Industria Felix Magazine, the new national economics and finance magazine, in collaboration with Cerved, Luiss Guido Carli University, A.C. Industria Felix, Regione Puglia, Puglia Sviluppo (with an intervention financed from the resources of action 3. 5 of the ROP Puglia 2014/2020 'Attraction of investments and interventions to support the internationalisation of Apulian enterprises'), with the patronage of Bari Polytechnic, the Universities of Bari, Foggia and Salento, Confindustria, Confindustria Puglia, Basilicata and Molise, Ansa (media partner).

The survey, published as part of the Corriere's special economic supplement, aimed to highlight the stories of 500 companies and entrepreneurs that have pushed and are pushing our country forward, despite the not-so-favourable economic situation of recent years.

The analysis involved almost 15,000 Italian SMEs, examining not only turnover, but also the number of employees, average aggregate growth, Ebitda and Rating.An important recognition for our company.

It is an important source of pride for us to be one of the few Apulian companies in this special ranking. These recognitions give us even more strength and enthusiasm in facing our daily challenges.



Ceglie Messapica, February 2019:


Also for 2019, Auto Argentiero S.p.A. can be proud to have received an important award in the automotive sector: the AUTOSCOUT 2019 Certificate of Excellence.

Auto Argentiero S.p.A. is now a consolidated and continuously expanding reality.

The results obtained throughout the year are a source of pride and receiving the prestigious award from the Autoscout 24 portal means receiving official recognition of the reliability, seriousness and professionalism that customers identify with our company.

Ad maiora semper!


Ceglie Messapica, 29 January 2019.


On 29 January 2019, the Shareholders' Meeting of Auto Argentiero Srl resolved to increase its share capital to € 220,000 and to transform it into a joint-stock company (S.p.A.). The company transformation represents the physiological conclusion of the growth that the Company has undertaken in recent years with the progressive increase in turnover, the opening of a second operating office in the same country, and the strong consolidation of its market.

The decision is also taken with the aim of confirming and strengthening the role of Auto Argentiero S.p.A. within the automotive sector, a multi-brand used car segment, throughout the Apulian territory, orienting itself towards the future with new growth prospects and a particular focus on improving its services in line with the technological and economic evolutions of the years to come.

"Our will," says Domenico Argentiero, Chairman of the Board of Directors, "has been to consolidate what are the foundations of the company because we are convinced that, as in the construction of a skyscraper, strengthening the foundations is an essential step to continue to grow and build new floors, both for us and for the many Customers who have chosen us and will continue to choose us over the years".

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